Young Talent Cricket Academy cricketers returned home after a highly successful tour of the UK. This is the 12th successive year that the cricketers have toured Durham in UK and played matches against the Durham Academy teams and other clubs in Durham.  This year – three YTCA teams toured the UK – the Under 18 team led by Vishakh Chandrasekhar, the Under 15 team led by Taran Atavar and the Under 11 team led by Rahul Nambiar. The team stayed at the Best Western Ryokan Hotel in Newcastle which also hosts the famous Luigikhan restaurant.

The YTCA teams played some great matches against Hetton Lyons CC, Blackhall CC, Tynedale CC, Sacriston CC, Philadelphia CC, Washington CC and South Shields CC. The Under 11 team won the T20 tournament while the Under 15 and Under 18 teams won many matches including some close wins and losses.

At the end of the Tour – the trophies for best performances were presented by Dr Rajkumar of Unicare Medical Centre,UAE and Jahangir Khan – owner of the Best Western Ryokan Hotel in Newcastle. All participants received mementos and participation certificates and also got the opportunity to meet Geoff Cook – the Durham Coach during a dinner at his Durham residence to felicitate the visiting YTCA team, coaches and parents.


Under 18 :               Best Batsman                                Bharath Srinivasan

                                Best Bowler                                   Vishakh Chandrasekhar

                                Best All Rounder                            Aditya Mavuru and Sairaj Venkat

Under 15:                 Best Batsman                                 Abhishek Nair

                                Best Bowler                                     Siddhant Jhurani

                                Best All Rounder                              Vaibhav Chandrasekhar

Under 11:                Best Batsman                                   Ritik Sunil Israni

                                Best Bowler                                      Adil Ali

                                Best All Rounder                               Shashwik Shetty

                                Best fielder                                        Akash

Shahzad Altaf & Sunil Israni– Directors YTCA was pleased with the performances and thanked the parents and the clubs in Duhram for their support in organising the tour. Vishan Fernando – YTCA Coach was very impressed with the commitment and application of the children and predicted that the performances of all the children had benefited and improved during the tour.