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UAE cricket academy celebrates tour success

A group of talented young cricketers from the UAE Young Talents Cricket Academy (YTCA) has completed a successful tour of region.

Following England’s success in winning ‘The Ashes’ three teams from the YTCA, Under 19’s, Under 16’s, and Under 13’s are celebrating their own success at Luigikhan’s restaurant, situated in the stylish Best Western Ryokan Hotel on Westgate Road.
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The hotel and restaurant, a sponsor for YTCA, is playing host to the end of tour awards, as well as providing accommodation and meals for the 40 youngsters and their parents.

The youngsters have played cricket teams across the region, including, Durham, Sarcriston, South Shields, Marsden, Washington, Morpeth and Benwell Hill.

The team produced impressive performances competing for the ‘Luigikhan’s International Cup’. The Under 16’s team also travelled to Ampleforth College, York, to play the national Chinese cricket team.

This is the academy’s third stay at the hotel, Shahzad Altaf, YTCA director, said: “We have been touring here for the past 12 years now and since staying at the Best Western Ryokan Hotel – we wouldn’t stay anywhere else.

“We are well catered for and looked after. The food at the hotel restaurant, Luigikhan’s, is fantastic. The kids love it and the chef caters to all of the teams’ dietary requirements – it helps them to feel at home.

“It is also in a central location and there is lots for the children to do when they aren’t at matches.”

Jahangir Khan, general manager at the hotel, said: “Hosting the YTCA players, officials and parents has been a pleasure.

The Young Talents Cricket Academy is a private organisation based in Dubai. It provides professional coaching to over 300 boys across seven centres. Teams are made up of boys not only from the UAE but also from India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and the UK.

This annual tournament allows the team to gain experience in playing in different climates and conditions.

Shahzad said: “When we come to the UK the teams get to play in ‘English conditions.’ In Dubai obviously it is very hot and the ground is hard and dry – here they get to play in a cooler climate on soft grass.

“Similarly, each year teams from the Durham Academy has travelled to Dubai for a return visit, it’s a great experience for all teams involved and helps them to develop their game.”

Many of the boys go on to play for national teams such as Bahrain, India, UAE and Pakistan.

Trophies for best performances were presented by hotel manager, Jhangir Khan and Geoff Cook, former England cricketer and Durham Cricket Academy coach.