In a glittering ceremony at the Al Khaimah Ballroom in Taj Palace Hotel Dubai, Young Talents Cricket Academy (YTCA) launched the UAE Exchange 4 Nations Cup in the presence of over 300 players, parents and sponsors. The Co-Sponsors include Gersan Elektrik and uniCare Medical Centre.

The teams were presented with their respective Nation caps and clothing for the upcoming tournament.

Vinod Nambiar from UAE Exchange addressed the audience committing their support to community and youth activities.  He said, “Having entered into the 4th financial quarter, companies take a back seat when it comes to sponsorships. However, UAE Exchange saw an opportunity to support Young Talents with this multi cultured event and we extended our hands forward. We wish all the teams the very best for this tournament. May the best teams win!”

The tournament, running its 3rd edition will be played at the Delhi Private Schools in Sharjah and Jebel Ali as well as the Skyline-Young Talents Cricket Ground.

Hitamber Attavar of Gersan Elektrik commended the efforts of YTCA and especially Shahzad Altaf, Head Coach of YTCA for providing young children the opportunity to play tournaments. He added, “In UAE, developing cricket grounds is a major task, and the fact that YTCA has been able to forge strong relationships with different schools and colleges only shows Shahzad’s commitment and hard work. I wish YTCA and all the participating players all the best.”

Following are the teams taking part;

Under 10 – YTCA Indian Warriors, YTCA Sri Lankan Lions and YTCA UAE Falcons.

Under 13 – YTCA Indian Warriors, YTCA Indian Panthers, YTCA Pakistani Tigers, YTCA Sri Lankan Lions and YTCA UAE Falcons.